Why Today Is the Best Time To Apply for a Home Loan

When the housing bubble collapsed in the late to 2000’s and the housing industry went downhill, banks and government loans experienced significant drops in interest rates. This was done in order to encourage home buyers to commit to a purchase and get a mortgage, even though the economy is struggling. Today is the best time to apply for a home loan because you will get a significantly lower interest rate than what most people received. If you have purchased a home when the housing industry was booming, you would’ve paid a much higher interest and since it’s a fixed interest rate, you would’ve been locked in at this price with no way to change it unless you get a complete refinance on your mortgage.


Interest rates are low and it’s a buyers market


Now is the best time to apply for a home loan through WJB home loans because interest rates are extremely low and it’s considered a buyers market. You can get a home for considerably cheaper than what homes were selling for just a few years ago. Better yet, the interest that you will pay on your home loan will be a lot lower as well. Now is the best time to buy because everything is catered to buyers in the industry.


Home loan companies are willing to cater to your needs


Home loan companies are more flexible now than they have ever been in the past. If you have some specific requirements or requests, you can give them a call and talk about your needs over the phone. Oftentimes, these companies will be willing to make adjustments or changes to your home loan to make things more appealing for you. If you are ready to get your dream home, or perhaps start some are small with a condo or single-family home, now is the best time to do so.


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